Our Process


First, we'll review your manuscript. We don't have time to do a major rehaul or intensive edit, so we won't pick books that need a lot of work. But we will do an edit and proofread to make sure your book is flawless. (Value=$1000)

Book Design

Next we'll design a brilliant, jaw-dropping cover that will emotionally overwhelm readers, and craft the ebook format to match. It will look perfect on all devices. (Value=$1000)

Book Launch

We'll reach out for reviews and blurbs, then launch the book with a series of paid and free promotions, targeted advertisements and viral campaigns to make sure your book hits and stays in the top results for your category. (Value=$1000)

Print Book

After you sell the first 10,000 copies, we'll finish designing the print book to make it available, so you can start doing some local promotion. After that we'll reduce our cut so you can earn more.


We'll keep track of all the sales and data, and be extremely transparent about earnings. We'll pay quarterly, unless special circumstances arise (like you need extra cash for a vacation). You'll be free to cancel your contract at any time.

Get Published – FAST
No more waiting around for months. No more spending weeks comparing services and being overwhelmed by options. No more anxiety over how to launch, market and promote your book.
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